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Bossa Nova (West Hollywood)

There aren't many things you can count on as a pup. Your human might throw away your favorite toy right when you reached the fluff, dress you up in some outrageous outfit, or spray you with a scented grooming spray with no warning at all.

But, one thing is certain: you're going to need something to eat. Ideally many somethings.

As luck would have it, mom told me I could pick where to eat and I was feeling like Brazilian. Off to Bossa Nova we went!

Mom and I were seated quickly at the patio on Sunset Plaza and I saw another dog there enjoying the ambiance. Great minds think alike.

Mom looked over the menu and it had so many options, over 300 items including appetizers, pizzas, salads, pastas, specialties, sandwiches and desserts. While there are delicious Brazilian favorites to be had there are also dishes that are geared to pleasing a wider variety of palates. There is something for everyone. Even the mailman, I suppose.

I must say that mom made a great decision starting with the fried yucca. It was crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. It was "im-paw-sible" not to instantly love. Mom dipped her yucca fries in ketchup and it was official, we were both cassava root freaks. Go yucca!

Mom told me her iced tea was very refreshing and had a fruity aftertaste. I felt similarly about the water that the nice waiter brought me. I think it was flown in directly from Brazil even though mom said it was LA tap. Oh, and speaking of drinks Bossa Nova has a full bar. I plan on going back with my lady dog friends and trying a few of their cocktails - perhaps during happy hour which is from 3-6pm on weekdays. The Brazilian Neck Tie, Rock in Rio, and Capeta all sound "paw-some."

Getting back to the food, mom decided to order the chicken caesar wrap. She went with the "fur-miliar" rather than being more exotic. I personally would have gone with the Brazilian chicken skewers and the skirt steak sandwiches and the ceviche and the sausage pizza and the Bossa cheeseburger, but I'm a bigger foodie than mom. At least mom ordered a side of plantains, that was cool of her. I'm usually a banana guy, but my taste buds were opened to a new world instantly. Look how excited I was...

Mom and I agree the chicken caesar wrap was top notch. The lettuce and chicken were chopped finely and the dressing was stunning. I would "sit and stay" forever if they would have kept bringing more wraps.

As a LA restaurant expert, I began telling mom a little bit about Bossa Nova and its interesting history. It all started in Salvador and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in the early 70s when chef Francisco became curious about food. His grandparents would cook with him when he was young and it made him driven to succeed in the kitchen. Once grown up, he moved to Los Angeles with only $50. He worked odd jobs but found his way to Cafe Brasil, a new Brazilian restaurant his friends started in 1991. Then he graduated from the Cordon Bleu Culinary School and worked at several sophisticated hotels and resorts. In 1993, Francisco teamed up with Aurelio, another Brazilian who pursued the American dream, and they opened the first Bossa Nova restaurant in West Hollywood. It was named for the Portuguese style of dance because they wanted it to be a place of joy and culture. Today, Bossa Nova Brazilian Cuisine is currently featured across 5 locations in Los Angeles: West Hollywood, Hollywood, West LA, South Bay and Downtown LA.

Mom had no idea about any of that. Amateur.

Then I began to "paw-nder" dessert, which was an immediate yes for me. But mom said we would come back another day to dive in. I tried to convince her but she said something like,

"Stop hounding me, we will come back soon."

I didn't know how she could resist the extensive selection of fresh, sweet and savory baked goods. They have a bakery that features Brazilian desserts like brigadeiro and yucca cake (we could have gone full circle and brought back the yucca!) Oh, and they also serve American staples like cupcakes and New York cheesecake too. I wonder if they would put yucca on top of a a cupcake for me...

Two Paws Up

Bossa Nova has great ingredients and the preparation they put into the dishes comes through in the delicious taste. The staff is friendly and apparently most of their chefs have been there for over ten years. If you are looking for a restaurant on the Sunset Strip with variety and culture, Bossa Nova WeHo is for you!

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